Paulina Sundin

Paulina Sundin is a composer of electro-acoustic and instrumental music. Paulina studied at EMS and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm between 1993-1999. Paulina Sundins music has been played all over the world, both in concerts and radio broadcasts. Already during her student years were her pieces premiered in amongst others the ISCM World Music Days in South Korea 1997, the Australasian Computer Music Conference in New Zealand 1999, and the Rien à Voir in Canada 1999. Paulina Sundin teaches electro-acoustic music composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) where she also works as Deputy Head of the Department of Composition and Conducting. Since 2004 she sits on the board of the Society of Swedish Composers (FST). Paulina Sundin is currently on sabbatical from KMH working on her doctorate in electro-acoustic composition at Huddersfield University, England with Dr Monty Adkins as supervisor.