Nicolas d'Alessandro

Nicolas d'Alessandro (1981) is a belgian researcher and musician. In 2004 he obtains a master degree in Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of Mons, but executes his master thesis as an invited student in the University of Montreal (Canada), with Prof. Caroline Traube. Coming back in Belgium, he is involved in five years of doctoral research in voice processing and gestural control of music, with Prof. Thierry Dutoit, for finally obtaining the PhD degree in November 2009. In parallel, he is an active musician for the last ten years, playing electric guitar and invented instruments (such as the HandSketch) in rock/jazz/electroacoustic performances. Nicolas also has a significant teaching activity: teaching Processing at college, and several Max/Pd workshops. Recently, he moved to Vancouver for a post-doc research, with Prof. Sidney Fels. Now, he manages research aspects of the DIVA project at MAGIC (UBC).