Kathryn Gray

Kathryn Gray’s work encompasses music, performance and spacial sound that is built on an autodidactic approach. This approach centres around embracing the weirdness and differences that arise through self-taught musicianship, composition and production. Pursuing themes of seclusion, ritual and escape, her recent work has been influenced by medieval music and storytelling. Interested in applying constraints to her work, Gray predominantly uses sounds made by herself and which are manipulated through processing techniques ranging from self-built pedals to digital software. This interest focuses on the voice alongside various technologies including drums, amplifiers and microphones in closed loops, bells, gongs, shakers, homemade electronics and studio techniques. This repertoire and these compositional tropes have led to a sound that varies between music and noise. Kathryn is currently pursuing a MA by Research at CeReNeM, University of Huddersfield.

Works presented