Jamie Fawcus

Jamie Fawcus is a composer, performer and sound designer resident in Stockholm, Sweden. He studied philosophy and political theory at Keele University, England, electroacoustic composition at the electronic music studios in Stockholm (EMS) and film music + musicology at Stockholm University and is currently conducting Doctoral research at Huddersfield University. He moved to Sweden in 2001 to study at EMS and continue developing his ideas in EAM and art. His interests centre on the language of physical space in acousmatic art, Archaeoacoustics and links between writing/narrative and EAM. Jamie is an active member of the intermedia arts organisation Fylkingen, the Swedish composers organisation FST, and the Society for electroacoustic music in Sweden (SEAMS). He has received scholarships from the Swedish national performing rights society (STIM) 2004 and 2006, Stiftelsen Alvar Kraft 2009 and the Helge Ax:Son Johnson foundation 2007 and 2009. Jamie currently sits on the board of SEAMS and is a founding member of the ensemble Spiral Cycle.

Works presented