Diemo Schwarz

Diemo Schwarz plays electronics with rich timbres and textures, exploring different collections of sound with the help of gestural controllers that reconquer musical expressiveness and physicality for the digital instrument.

He was born in Germany in 1969 and, after studying computer science in Stuttgart and being part of the local noise-music scene, is now based in Paris and poised right in the middle of the golden triangle of artistic creation, creative programming, and scientific research.

As an artist, he composes for dance and performance (Sylvie Fleury, Frank Leibovici, Cie. Atmen, Cie. Fanfare Bleme), video (Benoit Gehanne and Marion Delage de Luget), and installation (Christian Delecluse), and interprets and performs improvised electronic music with his solo project Mean Time Between Failure, as member of the 30-piece ONCEIM improvisers orchestra, or in duo with musicians such as Frédéric Blondy, Hans Leeuw, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Victoria Johnson, Etienne Brunet, Fred Marty.

His installations have been shown in places like the Mapping Festival (Geneva), Digital Art Festival (Sofia), Le Cube, Le Centquatre (Paris), and NTU/ADM (Singapore) and he performed in 8 european countries, North America, and Asia on his own digital musical instrument based on his CataRT open source software with gestural control, bringing back the immediacy of embodied musical interaction to the rich sound worlds of digital sound processing and synthesis.

Works presented