Christian Eloy

Born in Amiens where he studied flute and composition at the conservatoire national of region and at the conservatoire national superior of Paris. Flutist in an orchestra , then director of a music school, before his meeting with Ivo Malec and the GRM at Radio France.

He is in charge of the electroacoustic department of the conservatoire national de region in Bordeaux and of the workshop at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales /City of Paris.

Lecturer in the universities of Paris IV and Bordeaux. Christian Eloy is the artistic director of the SCRIME, research and creation studio in the university of Bordeaux I.

Several awards : prize of the europeen community poetry and music - prize François de Roubaix. Composer of over fifty pieces, instrumental, electroacoustic, vocal and pedagogical. Published by Billaudot, Fuzeau, Lemoine, Combre, Notissimo and Jobert. Publications at PUF (France), Johnston Ed.(Irlande), MIT press (US), Le mensuel littéraire et poétique (Belgique). Confluences (France)