Autistici is a UK electronic music composer who is based in Sheffield (UK). Autistici’s work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings. Tracks focus on representing details from both the natural and manmade world. Each detail has the potential to be preserved or lost, clarified or confused. This means that any audio element, including elements from his own body become incorporated into the composition. The interplay between the internal and external is exposed through the medium of amplification as sound is a sensory phenomena. This means that the perception of noise ultimately belongs in the ear and mind of the listener rather than the composer. This fascination on the interplay between inner and outer world embodies Autistici’s sound. There is an intimate, intense and enmeshed sense of connection with tiny details (e.g., dust on vinyl, a door opening, heart beats, breathing, snoring). Autistici has an upcoming release on Nomadic Kids Republic and has released tracks on 12k, Hibernate, Home Normal, Kesh, Audiobulb, Hippocamp, Kikapu and Wandering Ear.


United Kingdom