Alexander Schubert

Alexander Schubert’s research interest explores cross-genre interfaces between acoustic and electronic music. Musical pieces for audio tapes and the formal notation of compositions for live electronics belong just as much to his work as the design of software- setups and manipulation / design of instruments for an intuitive handling in an improvised context (see “Weapon of Choice”). A permanent focus of his work is the combination of notated and improvised music – both in aesthetics and structure. His technical training is the basis of a differentiated utilization and individual design of sound synthesis and controllers (e.g. in the installation A Set of Dots).

Since 2009 he focuses on sensor-based gestural composition in both his writing and research activities. In this work field he is contributing to international conferences and researches with various institutes worldwide. The combination of aesthetic, technical and scientific aspects of this interdisciplinary approach have encountered a very positive reception.