Interfusion is a group dedicated to performances of contemporary works that are revelatory in their total commitment to the composers' intentions. The energy and vitality which this generates, together with their commitment to working directly with composers from the preliminary stages right up to performance, has given audiences an experience of the sheer power and excitement of innovation in music as it moves towards the next century.

Exploration of instrumental techniques as well as experimentation with aspects of texture, rhythm and structure are challenging features of Interfusion commissions, and Judith Mitchell's specialism in tuning and temperament expands the parameters still further.

Alongside piano and cello the third element of the group is that of electronics. In particular, Clive Williamson's special interest in synthesisers, as well as his more familiar role as virtuoso pianist, enables Interfusion to move into the world of live electronics as an extension to an electroacoustic partnership involving live instruments and tape. Recently commissions of music by Michael Clarke and Pascale Criton (both premiered in Amsterdam in 1995) and works in progress by Andrew Lovett, Michael Rosas Cobian and John Palmer reflect those interests.

The continuum of musical creativity is highlights in Interfusion's concerts by performances of pioneering masterpieces of the 20th century and seminal works from earlier centuries, side by side with commissioned works. Interfusion are also delighted to welcome distinguished friends and colleagues as occasional guests in the ensemble.

Plans in progress include further concerts in the Netherlands following a successful tour in 1995, and an electroacoustic concert inParis including works featuring very diverse tuning and temperament. Performances and recordings in the UK include today's ground breaking programme which features UK premieres of both Michael Clarke's and Pascale Criton's pieces.

Interfusion wishes to thank the University of Surrey and Jamie Dunn for help in rehearsing this concert.